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The Fashionable Hostess: | Photography: Lindsey Grace -

If you've spent any time browsing the world wide web lately, you've probably come across the lovely Amanda of The Fashionable Hostess . We adore her, and she is quite literally the hostess with the m.

Office Tour: Julie Savage-Parekh, Strawberry Milk Events

Tell us about your business, Strawberry Milk Events. Since my dad was an interior designer and owned a few antique shops that specialized in European antiques, I was immersed in…

Meet the woman behind in-demand Commune Design.

Meet the woman behind in-demand Commune Design.

Jenna Lyons  The Creative Director of J. Crew  was recognized by Glamour magazine  as one of the most inspiring women of the year

Pay your dues. Lyons is practically the poster child for working your way up. At 21 she joined the company as an assistant to the assistant to the person in charge of rugby shirts after graduating from NYC’s Parsons School of Design. Now 24 years later sh