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Heavenly Cat

Heavenly Cat

That's what I say when my friend or someone else says she's just a horse. I'm like excues me but she's my best friend. I'm so happy I get her back in 11 more days. I could cry. I want her back so bad. I've told one of my friends that I would rather have my horse back insted of some country boy, but what happened today my horse is just inches above any boy i could get...THAT's COUNTRY!!!!

All my horses taught me more than any person can. I loved having them in my life and thankful for my family who saw my love for them❤️❤️

Esmoquin. Tarjeta Día del padre

This is another possibility for my 'smart' concept. These suits are not quite as well put together as the other origami suits but I could adapt these easier to accommodate my portfolio and business card on the inside of the jacket.

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