Yoga pour enfants

Shapeshifter Yoga - Easy Yoga Poses For Kids Infographic Introducing a breakthrough program that melts away flab and reshapes your body in as little as one hour a week!

Ikea hack: Tolsby frames in the classroom and homeschool

Ibland kan det vara svårt att få barnens uppmärksamhet i samlingen. Då kan Additions-apparaten komma väl till pass. Ge barnet ett uppgiftskort, stoppa i rätt antal föremål och vips får vi svaret! B...

Fånga barnen – ”Kul med addition”

A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls - students can build their own adding machine

For kids who like cars, trains, etc. You can use the parking lot lines for adding or subtracting or estimating or comparing numbers of different vehicles that will fit in the parking lines (like on a ferry). Older kids could design their own parking lot with tape in a given area to see how many car spaces can fit in their lot. If you change the design, does it change the number of spaces that fit, remembering to leave room for the cars to drive out of the lot?

Does your kid love toy cars? Use this math game to get them to learning math with their favorite toys! Material: painter's tape, sharpie (marker), and lots of toy cars via What Do We Do All Day

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This reading area looks really cosy and by using the "tent" it makes it a defined area in the room.

Substantiv, verb och adjektiv

Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

>numbers on cars- number on box. match them up

20 Indoor Ball Games for Kids

[Car Parking Numbers Game] Do you have a car lover? Have you ever used cars for learning? A Car Parking Numbers Game [Contributed by Craftulate] -