Lots of ideas for small garden or balcony...and generally for privacy

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Pallet's For The Porch, Just Stand Pallet On Ends, Insert Long Tray Planters ideetje voor afscheiding met buren links?

i love that patio cover

Great idea for patio cover. Shields from the rain, but allows the light in!

As long as I'm not responsible for keeping the plants alive... =). This could make for a really cool divider and bring some greenery to the production area and compliment the industrial metal/wood look everywhere.

designer industrial planter boxesmade by industrial designer Drew Sinclair @ bangsboutique. Made from reclaimed Australian hardwood with steel frame and on castors for mobility. Made for creepers as a wind break or privacy wall / fence.

Getting this style (tucked in the 'L' between my garage and the family) with pressured treated wood, one step up and a foot overhang with polycarbonate panels for the roof ~ so excited!

Love this style with the hanging chairs and the pressured treated wood, one step up and a foot overhang with polycarbonate panels for the roof ~ so excited!

small patio design ideas wooden deck and outdoor furniture

Forest Trail - contemporary - deck - austin - by Blink.is Design

Så fint att ha "pergolan" ytterst på trädäcket. Då tar det inget ljus till insidan av huset. Smart!

The pergola is understated by nature, an empty frame to accent or support. It doesn't look like much on its own, but a garden without a pergola is like a r

Som ett komplement till vårt eget sortiment marknadsför vi även produkter från landskapsarkitekt Ulf Nordfjell. Nordfjell Collection består av produkter för trädgårdar, terrasser och parker inspirerade av naturen med material som stål, granit och småländsk lärk. För mer information kontakta Nola.

Nordfjell Collection Pergola Arch - Steel - Nola - Gardening Go

Overbygg veranda, flere bilder på bloggen... Bambula: TERASSI JA PIHA

Lasitus terassille, this is what i've been wanting to add to the house but in natural wood and polycarb panels - not glass.


Deck with pergola - love the planters on the privacy wall. Use this idea for fire pit perhola

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Decking and garden pot

Bambula: Terassin lasit

Perfect for the side carport or porch.