Josefin Bengtsson

Josefin Bengtsson

Josefin Bengtsson
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The History of Tea Infographic

The History of Tea Infographic: Tea is important in many cultures and countries. Learn more about how it became a popular commodity and drink in many countries around the world.

17 Ways You're Drinking Your Tea Wrong

17 Ways You're Drinking Your Tea Wrong I usually put the cream first if I'm drinking loose leaf tea; I drink it black if I drinking tea by way of tea bag.

Adashot by eyecare - En ruskigt snygg butik ~ Kråks stuga - Inredning, trend, trädgård & torparliv.

Contact lens concept store for Adashot by Eyecare by Miss Lee Design - Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the first store of its kind in Israel to focus only on selling contact lenses. Minimalist design at its best!

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Aeropress How to grind coffee - I Love Coffee Aeropress Coffee and Mocha Lattes ¡A pedalear! Making AeroPress coffee

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Whole Bean Coffee. Individuals who love coffee their very own choices while purchasing it. Some decide to buy grounded coffee although some others prefer