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"Found, Saved, Never Used": No more - Imgur

"Found, Saved, Never Used": No more - Imgur

DIY Leather sheath for a knife. Maybe I can adapt it for the tomahawk that I got as a gift.

How to make a custom leather knife sheath. Need smaller pieces of leather to make a sheath? We cut and sell leather in store so you can purchase as little as ft. THINK BIG, shop small at Standing Bear's Trading Post 7624 Tampa Avenue, Reseda, CA.

Blind Horse Knives explains the different grinds for a knife and how to choose the right one. Explains hollow, flat, saber, scandi, and convex.

Are you lucky if you can tell the sharp side of the knife from the dull one? Well, pay attention because Blind Horse Knives is about to drop some knowledge on you. They have an entire page on their…