Mullets Crack Me Up

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Long Hair and jean shorts

Cell phone clipped to jean shorts. Camera strap securely fastened around neck. How is he not mine?<<<<<can't stop laughing at this comment

These mullets always make me smile

These mullets always make me smile book, awkward family photos. This should be the cover.

moused up mullet

the evasive coachullet-a coach mullet. possibly of the small-town college variety.

a breed of their own..

A compilation of the best mullets ever. Classic mullet hairstyles from formal to redneck. Pick one for your next haircut.


I'm not sure what is the worst thing about this- the mullet, the too-tight tie-dye shirt, the matchy-matchy tie-dye backdrop, or the trophy in hand. Let's be serious- trophy for what!

Yeah, she's put all other mullets to shame.

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