make a feather print

lemmemakeit: feather printing with Pico. Why couldn't you lay a feather on a scanner and run off stationary, envelopes, etc? I thought this was what they did but the instructions were too involved for me.

I would love to skate somewhere like this

Zach Bulick I rang in the new year with amazing friends. Drinking mulled wine and staring at a huge night sky while lying in the middle of a frozen lake. We went skating the next morning and this photo is fitting for how I'm feeling about

discover all of Charles Harper's work

biology book, with graphic of the finches of the Galapagos studied by Charles Darwin. Illustration by Charles Harper

track down some old bulbs

DIY Light Bulb Vase

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)