nothing quite like the toned butt of a volleyball player. And nothing quite like volleyball shorts to show them off. And yes, they ride up. Photos of beautiful girls - on the beach, outdoors, in cars. Only real girls.


Take a look at 78 perfectly timed photos that will make you laugh or scratch your head wonder as you try to determine the photographer's motives.


This awesome image of three fallow deer bucks, standing in a perfect row and looking backward at the same moment, was captured in the forests of Lithuania by photographer Renatas Jakaitis.


The iconic statue of Christ that sits high atop Rio de Janeiro was struck by lightning during a storm in early The right thumb was chipped by the lightning strike.


What a funny moment! I think both of them not comfortable with the funny itching dress. This is the most embarrassing moment I have ever seen in the wedding.


Source: GleeFeed These photos get funnier as you click. Some of them are misleading, others are completely real. I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours Source: ImageZog Is that it? The water is just cold.I swear!


“I knew I should’ve hired a limo.”“And married a man who knows how fix a car.