Blue-footed Boobles

The Blue-footed Booby, The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. These boobies live off the western coasts of Central and South America. The Galápagos Islands population includes about half of all breeding pairs of blue-footed boobies.

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark, Cocos Island, Costa Rica : “This shark was cruising low along the reef known as Alcyone. Her left eye was glancing up toward other hammerheads when I took this shot from below.

Tropicbirds #Galapagos

Red-Billed Tropicbird - Galapagos Seen in Galapagos, where the sunlight would glint like a laser off the ruby bill of the Tropicbird.

Marine Iguana, Floreana, Galapagos Islands

Marine Iguana, Floreana, Galapagos Islands Favorite animal of all time!

galapagos birds

biology book, with graphic of the finches of the Galapagos studied by Charles Darwin. Illustration by Charles Harper

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands, visiting Charles Darwin Research Station and the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre.