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You don't always need high end makeup. Check out these great drugstore products.

As many of you know I love me some drugstore makeup. I find it that getting drugstore products can be as good as high end makeup. Plus I don’t know about you guys being a mama of two boys is expensive as is so I don’t have time or the money to

Concealer seems like it should be super simple: dab a little bit on the pimples and blemishes you want to hide, blend it in, look #flawless. Unfortunately, as with most makeup products, it isn’t always that easy – especially for beginners. Between the different types of concealers out there (should you use a stick? A liquid? A powder? A pencil?!), the hundreds of different brands and prices (will drugstore concealers suffice or should you splurge?)

Color correcting makeup is the newest makeup trend that can elevate your beauty routine. Concealers that correct redness and blemishes can give you a flawless complexion, so here is why you should try color correcting products now!

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😃This is unique because of the top middle space which can allow you to place a clock widget without it covering up the rest of the wallpaper😄