Julia Larsson

Julia Larsson

A Swed living in Oklahoma
Julia Larsson
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The Food I Ate Every Day To Lose 115lbs

The Food I Ate Every Day to Lose Cleaning the attic came across this gem. Kasey is in the basket you were every curious about the food it takes to lose over then check out this post. Very inspiring!

easy sweet potato chips. eat your favorite super food a new way.

My girls would loves these and i dont have to worry about all the other stuff that is in there that is so bad for them and us easy sweet potato chips. eat your favorite super food a new way.

Yoga For Your Mind ...... Besides helping out your stressed mind, what other benefits do these 10 yoga poses provide? Learn more ..... Kur

Help yourself to some yoga therapy. Besides easing a stressed mind, see what other benefits these 10 yoga poses provide. Infographic courtesy of Design Infographics.

Banana Sushi Recipe

All I need is bananas & chopped nuts. :) Banana Sushi --- Banana topped with a nut (or seed) butter & topped with chopped nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, and/or shredded coconut.

Mail Art - 16 really cool ways to address an envelope!

I love mail art, who doesn’t? There’s nothing better than receiving some good old-fashioned, hand-addressed mail, especially when it comes with art attached! Writing letters can be therapeutic and is a great skill to teach our kids