Fler idéer från KANAKO

Levi Miller To Play Cat Grant's Son On Supergirl It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a new Supergirl casting announcement!

Guys who play Piano. This is a whole thing, girls LOVE guys who play piano ,its super classy.

Logan Lerman. You got me on your TV screen..!

Yamaha unveils it's first design of Bosendorfer's new Marquetry Series of Grand Pianos...

Kyle Cross, yes my sister is May, meaning I'm also a half-blood. I'm a seventh year Gryffindor. I'm the complete opposite of her. I like challenges and don't look for the easy way, but I also protect those who are the closest to me. I tend to be found practicing magic, or reading a book. I would play Quidditch, but I still haven't decided yet.

Love me some long haired men

Every guy should also play piano. ^^ Andrew McMahon- Jack's Mannequin

Sew together old jeans in a cool pattern like this and them make ANY bag you want. I must try this!

Vintage Needlepoint Roses and Flowers Pink, Blue, Green, Vintage Velvet, Rhinestone Brooch Handbag

How to sew a simple 6 pocket bag.-- so many uses.. gym, baby, beach... This is the link to bhg...http://www.bhg.com/crafts/sewing/accessories/six-pocket-bag/?page=1