Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY modern style fire pit @istandarddesign

Check out the tutorial on how to make a DIY modern style fire pit Use fire rocks instead of stones

How To Make Concrete Planters Creative DIY - Gardening Dreams

How To Make Concrete (hypertufa) Planters Creative DIY

Ett plank där två ideér blev till en, hjärtat ville ha ett plank av armeringsmatta och jag ville ha ett med ribbor. Så vi körde varannan sektion och det blev nog inte så dumt.

Free-standing trellis and fence panel

Terrific idea to brink plants right into your deck. This is the perfect place to have plants that can repel mosquitoes like lemongrass and citronella geraniums!

Kryddor trädäck A planter in the wooden deck!

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Are you looking for a stylish wooden trellis? Or, you& better install trellis panels and large pots with climbing roses nearby?

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Groovy metal frame white lounge chairs & Ottomans I White plastic pot holder against weathered timber facade

UTEMILJÖ ➰ Kreativ och ursnygg nysnickrad altan i olika etage som ger bra sittbänklösningar för många gäster. En flexibel lång integrerad blomlåda med vackra vita stenar, där man enkelt kan byta ut sommarblommor mot buxbom eller småenar till höst och vinter. Love it! @edbau_inredning har sett till att tagga #renoveringsdamm och vi tackar för inspon! Ha en underbar sommarfredag!

Fill planters around your deck. patio and pool with lemongrass and citronella geraniums to help keep pesky mosquitoes away!


The outdoor pergolas are quite popular these days. Everyone wants to create a place where they could relax and recharge themselves and outdoor pergolas are

18 Awesome DIY Fire Pits You Can Build Yourself

18 Awesome DIY Fire Pits You Can Build Yourself

Here are 18 DIY fire pit ideas that will definitely wow your friends and family.

DIY hypertufa projects. Love this page. | Hypertufa | Pinterest

Hypertufa and concrete gardening projects

Impact Plants supplies living green screens, instant screens of ivy growing on wiremesh supplied. Living fence panels and hedging screens.

An option for climbing plants is to use the evergreen English ivy. These living fences from ‘Impact Plants‘ give you year round privacy screens with an English garden look.

Trädäck med integrerad plantering

Woodworking - Wood Profit - Terrasses en bois composite Construction terrasse bois exotique Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Great, simple outdoor stair idea. Provides drainage, customizability, and low cost (type/availability of steel and fabricator). How are they fastened in place?

The stairs made from Cor-Ten steel risers (which develop a rich, rusted patina) and are filled with gravel in order to create a nonslip surface that drains well. The steel and steelwork is by Virginia Industrial. Read the full article here.

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Inspiration till uteplatsen i sommar This is that place you want to go and have peace reflect read and have positive thoughts! The quiet moment with yourself. - Gardening For Life

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Would look good as back porch/ deck

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