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I am an only child and a middle child. I was an only child for about 7 years then my parent got remarried so I have step sisters. But it's cool to see I have most qualities from middle child and only child.

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Its okay to wait I guess but when you're as impatient as I am its not cool. God I hate waiting but no matter what a person has to wait for everything no matter what it is. Great health&awesome figure again -stupid surgeries- and *dun dun dun* .

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I have no idea who is hugging Seungkwan but it's darn adorable

xD Jimin trying to be tough next to leadernim but is truly a smol.

This right here is my favorite GIFS from the entire world. The more I look at how smart and elegant is Namjoon, the more I discover cutie pie munchy squishy mochi Jiminie. I love it I would pay with my life to see them in real life at least once.