Sune Jonsson - Sweden

Vera and Frits Eriksson, Öre-Långsele, Lycksele, 1966 - by Sune Jonsson – Swedish

Riksspelmannen Elias Svande, Hunneberg, Vilhelmina 1961, Sune Jonsson

by Sune Jonsson, Riksspelmannen Elias Svande, Hunneberg, Vilhelmina 1961

Photographer, Sune Jonsson. Watching.

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Sune Jonsson

Helmer Jonsson, Baggård Nordamling out in Photo by Sune Jonsson

© Sune Jonsson

Sune Jonsson was one of Sweden’s most celebrated photographers. The snapper, who died in 2009 aged spent his life combi

theconstantbuzz:    © Sune Jonsson

poboh: “Alvar Johansson has picked lilies of the valley for his bride, Arnas, Örnsköldsvik Municipality, Sune Jonsson. Swedish - (Source: Fotosidan ) ” Thanks to poboh