HISTORISCHER KACHELOFEN - a more then 90% reconstructed historical glazed tile stofe by VM-Keramik http://www.vm-keramik.de/

Absolutely gorgeous - an over reconstruction by TERRA - GERMANICA of an antique ceramic oven/stove

stunningly divine fireplace

These types of fireplaces, called “kakelugn” in Swedish, are very common in old Swedish apartments, but they are usually quite understated with white tile and small metal doors that open so you can see the fire.

Swedish fireplace

Scandinavian fireplaces could be described as simple and chic. Typical Swedish fireplaces usually resemble a column. It’s basically a round chimney pipe and it’s usually white. The furnace always presents two small folding doors

Swedish Tiled Stove, can't get enough of them.

There seems to be renewed interest in Swedish tiled stoves these days. I have been in love with them since I was turned on to their very .

A private tour of Sturehof, known for its beautiful Gustavian interiors and large collection of Swedish tiled stoves.

Eighteenth-Century Sweden Travel Tour Guided by Classical Excursions, Sturehof tile stove