| Apartament w Bratysławie

Villa Vista large bright open space apartment in Bratislava by RULES Architects - CAANdesign | Hotel Milu we Florencji

The Milu: A Modern Hotel in Classic Florence - Design Milk | Hotel Milu we Florencji

Old world Italian charm meets modern art and design at the newly opened Milu Hotel in Florence, Italy's fashion and arts district. | Hotel Panache w Paryżu

Designer Dorothée Meilichzon has added a new modernity to the fourth hotel for the Panache group in Paris. Marble, mirror and other playful design elements are carefully used throughout to add touches of luxury to every room. | Mieszkanie w skandynawskim stylu | Mieszkanie w skandynawskim stylu | Industrialny apartament w Kijowie

Sergey Makhno Architects worked with the prominent homeowners to design this contemporary Ukrainian apartment with industrial elements. | Nieduże mieszkanie w Moskwie | Nieduże mieszkanie w Moskwie