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Lance and Coran AU

I dislike the whole "Altean Lance" thing people seem to enjoy, but I DO enjoy a young Coran!--> I enjoy both pretty much young Coran and Altean Lance

Joke's on you Kageyama LOL I FINALLY FINISHED THE THIRD PART I wanted to draw this for so long but then I kept getting distracted. Hope you like it! Part 1:  Part 2:

For those of you who were requesting HQ comic strips. Seriously though they're so gay they should just get married lol Part Part HQ - King and Queen

Noya no

I don't know what Noya moment in the comic is the best the people running around in his eyes, Dadchi not letting him have sharp objects, or wondering how to activate the flames. Laughed so much.

Those hairs on bokuto's legs!!

Those hairs on bokuto's legs!!

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