Idyll vid vackra Hjälmaresund

Idyll vid vackra Hjälmaresund

Isn't this idyllic? Simple picnic table in the backyard. Love houses that are painted barn red and trimmed in white via Made In Persbo: Idyll vid vackra Hjälmaresund country living

Winter in Åsens By, Småland Sweden. Read more:

Winter in Åsens By, Småland Sweden. Read more: Where my grandparents grew up :) Someday.

Växthus ~ Greenhouse

Växthus ~ Greenhouse (Lilla Blanka)

Front porch don't: lovely old brick porch being taken over by will pull the porch down on top of itself if not contained.~~~ Love the wild feeling this porch evokes~~~

This is a place where i feel calm and safe.

Jarnvidr(Iron wood) in Norse Mythology is a forest located east of Midgard.Troll woman inhabited Ironwood and bore giantness and large wolves

~blissful country life / the beauty of a wooden house in the countryside

Red cottage , Sweden I wonder if i could paint my house this color and get away…


I visited Sweden with the Scouts for the Irish Explorer Belt. Summernight in Sweden: The light, the house, the life!