10 beautiful patios and outdoor spaces

10 Beautiful Patios and Outdoor Spaces

Small outdoor spaces suffer the same fate as indoor rooms— where to put all the clutter? Outdoor furniture cushions, lamps, and pillows all need a place to live when you're not using them. The answer is one the most important rules of small spaces: furnit

En härlig plats i vår trädgård - Altan & Växthus - Hemma hos Enslagsverklighet

Large bottles end cut off to get candle in

piha,terassi,terassin sisustus,terassikalusteet,lehtikuusi,puutalo,musta maali,pihavalot

black siding and wood deck with white windows

Flyttbara odlingslådor med klätterväxter som rumsskapare/avdelare på skolgården

driveway - planter box on wheels with box trellis

Spaljén för framsidan med klätterväxter, ger skugga

fence around pool - half the height, but use the wire frame for climbers. (have same steel wire veg garden - it's brilliant) Pergola trellis

Movable Garden Barrier

designer industrial planter boxesmade by industrial designer Drew Sinclair @ bangsboutique. Made from reclaimed Australian hardwood with steel frame and on castors for mobility. Made for creepers as a wind break or privacy wall / fence.

Современная сауна Sunhouse 6

Forest Vacation Cabin overlooking a mountain valley lake.

Design Chic: Outdoor Showers

Would have been helpful at the beach house! outdoor shower / House & Home

rostiga krukor

driveway - planter boxes of steel with trellis

Stunning American-style Black Barn house.

Come to the Dark Side: 14 Totally Chic Black Houses

New stairs | outdoor | black

New stairs (Minna Jones)

New stairs (time of the aquarius)

Trendenser.se - en av Sveriges största inredningsbloggar

Black painted house exterior surrounded by plants and fruit trees.

Sponsrat inlägg: Testa JABO Studio och vinn presentkort på 10 000 kr

Sponsrat inlägg: Testa JABO Studio och vinn presentkort på 10 000 kr (Trendenser)

Guest house from JABO / Attefallshus Image from: Trendenser. Wow, I love this, one of the nicest garden rooms I've seen.

Arkitektritat attefallshus från K-rauta | Attefallshus

Arkitektritat attefallshus från K-rauta | Attefallshus

Gazebo Unadorned

Gazebo Unadorned