Sylvia Plath, I Thought That I Could Not Be Hurt

"Then, suddenly my world turned gray, and darkness wiped aside my joy. A dull and aching void was left, where careless hands had reached out to destroy.

Sylvia Plath - Mad Girl's Love Song. One of my all time favorites.

"Mad Girl's Love Song" is a poem written by Sylvia Plath in while she was a student at Smith College. It is written in the villanelle poetic form and is generally included in the biographical note appended to Plath's novel, The Bell Jar.

Warson Shire,  Beyoncé Lemonade

This exerpt from Beyonce's Lemonde video is an example of constructing her voice through the media the way she wants it to be heard.

tomas tranströmer dikter - poem-beautiful-swedish

I guess I demand too much / but lesser won't do / and he who does not dare / I can not have (Märta Tikkanen)

i think... i made you up inside my head.

thebleedingheartshow: “ sylvia plath // mad girl’s love song ” i LOVE this poem.

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