indoor sitting room with patio on top - yes please!!

sun room with patio on top ~ this would be a cool way to add a sunroom to the back of the house with being 'den' area & being greenhouse.deck would be off master bedroom on floor.I love this idea! All it needs is stairs down to the yard :o))


Napa Valley farmhouse by Howard Backen, from Architectural Digest. I would love to stay here, for house and valley.

Dream home.

Finnish people value traditions, this is a new house made to look like an old house, Finland

And of course the dream house. Aurora by Kannustalo. I've known since 1997 that if I'll ever build a house, it's going to be a Kannustalo.

Kannustalo, Finland

Kannustalo, Finland This is the style of house I would have wanted to build.

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