In early spring, when hostas are coming up, mix 10 parts water to 1 part ammonia, and pour over plant and soil. This will kill slug larvae.

Keeping Slugs Off Hostas

This guide is about keeping slugs off hostas. Slugs are a common pest to Hostas and can munch large holes in their leaves. To protect your hostas, especially those growing in pots, cover the soil with used coffee grounds. Not a slug in sight!

6 Plants That Repel Insects

Six Insect Repellent Plants To Grow Feverfew Chrysanthemum Pennyroyal Lavender Marigolds Citronella grass

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Neat little kitchen garden with a nice trellis for growing climbers. Raised beds and simple paving create a clean modern look.

Basil is the easiest plant to propogate.  Just cut a stem, leave three or four leaves at the top, remove lower leaves and place in a glass of water.  10 days - 2 weeks later, you'll have great roots and voila....a new basil plant!

Speaking of the Garden...

A ridiculously quick and easy way to transform basil leaves into out-of-this-world "chips" that have intense basil flavor; sweet, salty, and crispy, oven-roasted basil leaves are The Better Potato Chip.