Beautiful Bees ~ Sipping Water.

National Wildlife Photo Contest-Grand-prize <><> Kathy Noteboom >> Grand Prize >> European honeybees find cool relief on a summer day, using their strawlike tongues, or proboscises, to sip water from a backyard birdbath.

Robert Young Antiques bee hive

Whimsical Architectural Beehive (Sold) Weathered Painted Wood and Zinc France…


A beautiful image (photographer unknown to me) of honeybees in flight. One sweet girl has very full pollen baskets on her legs.

medieval beekeeper 1

Book cover rendering of Medieval bee keepers. 2 of 2 (are those early *frames*(!

Medieval Beekeeping

Medieval Beekeeping - from a French copy of Virgil's Georgics, showing a beekeeper wearing a protective hood, tanging a swarm

#medieval #beekeeping

Bee skeps - illustration from Tacuinum Sanitatis, a medieval handbook on health and wellbeing.


MEDIEVAL BEEKEEPING Not fashion related but this is still cool. They wore protective masks back then too!

Medieval Beekeeping

Animal - Insect - Bees - Medieval - bee hives, illustration Illustration of medieval bees and apiary. Scan of 2 d image in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US - oktouse


The Beekeepers and The Birdnester, Pieter Bruegel the Elder pen and ink.