En Troll grupp sitter och lyssnar på en vacker flicka som sjunger.

Concept art for 1937's Snow White is gorgeous in its own right

The Princess and the Troll Sons, from The Boy and the Trolls, by John Bauer. ""Look at them," urged the troll mother. "Look at my sons. Handsomer trolls can't be found this side of the moon. But then of course, they take after their mother.

Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You.

John Bauer - Illustration 7

John Bauer’s Bland Tomtar Och Troll (Among Elves and Trolls), He was so clever depicting size and proportions

Elsa Beskow (Swedish, 1874-1953)

Swedish illustrator Elsa Beskow is the artist behind some of the images that still manage to bring back some of that childhood wo.

Elsa Beskow. Dronning Vannlilje. (Queen Water Lily). 1914.  [detail]

lazypacific: ““Queen Water Lily” Illustration by Elsa Beskow ”

Månadsbild med klassiskt Elsa Beskow motiv Mars

Månadsbild med klassiskt Elsa Beskow motiv Mars

Jenny Nyström, Tomtefars sagor och berättelser

Jenny Nyström, Tomtefars sagor och berättelser

Johan Egerkrans Illustration

Vittra Among mountains and pastures in northern Scandinavia are the Vittra, a small humanoid race that get along well with humankind as long as they are respected and left in peace. They live in large families and are rarely found alone.

072 - Sjökungen och hans Drottning. "Agneta och Sjökungen"  av Helena Nyblom. Från "Bland Tomtar och Troll" 1910

Melusina Mermaid: "Scandinavian Ballad Stories: Agnes & the Merman", Adam Oehlenschläger; "Agneta & the Sea King", John Bauer