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cool museum exhibit

These cement figures dangling from umbrellas within a narrow space inside the EBC office center in Prague are part of a installation titled Slight Uncertainty by Czech artist Michal Trpák. Check out much more of his sculptural work on his website.

This picture holds a lot of intensity and brings an ominous feeling with the way the wolves' white eyes are contrasting to its dark body. It also shows a lot of depth between the foreground and background, yet manages to blend them all together into one piece.

Gunel Gasanova's mostly black and white digital paintings possess an air of dark fantasy, summoning dark forest scenes, starry nightscapes and otherworldly creatures. Her touch is both painterly and precise. Gunel received her BFA in Illustration at the F

jackspanto: Ci sono sentimenti che le parole non possono tradurre.Ecco perchè esistono le immagini. SI

I just love this picture. To me the kitten is looking to the old man for guidance and respect of his wisdom whilst at the same time the old man is looking at the kitten for inspiration and renewed enthusiasm for life.