This is a diagram of a Langstroth Hive. It looks a lot more complicated than it really is.

Beekeeping 101: Building a Hive

Beehive In A Jar! Great Science Project Idea!

10 Different and Great Garden project Anyone Can Make 2

Beehive City | How To Make A Suburban Beehive | 10 Bee-utiful Beehive DIY Projects |

10 Bee-utiful Beehive DIY Projects

10 Bee-utiful Beehive DIY Projects DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos

Bee Keeping: Become a Backyard Beekeeper [by FIX -- via #tipsographic]. More at

Tips to Grow Flowers and Houseplants in a Nutshell

Did you know there are up to bees living and working in every bee hive? That is a lot of honey! Learn how you can become a backyard beekeeper and reap the benefits of having these friends buzzing around.

i love this.. will keep all the elements out of my hives.... have josh make me one... but with the clear roofing so the sun still hits them.

A tip for torrential rains: hive shelter

Bee hive stand to keep the hives off the ground and out of the weeds, and awning to provide shade and protection from sun and rain.

I have to have a working beehive in my dream home

Immense Observation Hive in the Netherlands - The bees enter and leave through a…

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A friend beekeeper says this works** I've been wanting to keep bees. Here is a HoneyComb Made Right in the Jar. we need to be educated about honeybees! such an important part of our planet

New Brunswick Botanical Gardens/Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

This week, Just Looking Around spotlights the new bee program at New Brunswick Botanical Gardens in Saint-Jacques

Newly installed behive sit on the roof at Fortnum and Mason on July 22, 2008 in London. Each hive currently contains 4000 Carnolian bees from the Italian Alps. In this first season on the roof - they will produce 200-300 jars of Fortnum's London honey. Each of the 4 hives is an individual design painted in Fortnum's famous eau de nile colour fronted by a triumphal arch styled in Roman, Gothick, Chinese or Mughal design.

Fortnum And Mason Beehives Take Up Residence On The Roof

Fortnum & Mason roof garden bee hives, so elegant.I envy the bees

Bee hives in Luxembourg Gardens have healthier bees than commercial hives.

Bee Hives in Luxembourg Gardens have healthier BEES than commercial hives. How Marvelous & Exceptionally SWEET,.

The Urb is in line with the concept and makes beekeeping a ‘less daunting and more attractive process for novices.

A modern take on beekeeping, The Urb – Urban Beehive for Homes by Chris Weir, is a pretty cool concept that makes beekeeping an easier process.

Urban Beehives For Sweet City Living

Honey I'm Home! Urban Beehives For Sweet City Living

Honey I'm Home! Urban Beehives For Sweet City Living - WebEcoist

Hexa Beehive | Best Bee Hive Plans | Build a Hive & Help the Bees | Guide To Beginner Beekeeping by Pioneer Settler at

Beehive Plans For Beekeeping On The Homestead

Beehive plans are essential to start beekeeping on your homestead. Do you part to save the bees by finding out how to give them a home!