Motorcycle Helmet

Matte Black Skull Motorcycle Helmet <---- Uh yeah, I could tell from the picture

Custom Motorcycle Helmets

I love hockey mask helmet, but must admit, the skull and true fire are pretty good vs lamborghini cars

Archangel Helmet by *Azmal

Pinning for the wings on the side. I want to make something similar out of leather as a crest for my helm. Archangel Helmet by =Azmal on deviantART

A helmet I made in my spare time using Zbrush. This will be part of something bigger at a later stage (a full body powered wing-suit character... thing...). I wanted to combine a FMX with a diving helmet. The process is very easy and fun so I might make this a short beginner tutorial if there is interest. (WIP's will be added in a few hours)

ArtStation - Extreme Sports Helmet Jarryd Muir *reminds me of a MASK from M. cartoon series c.

Iron man motorcycle helmet with graphics

Custom Motorcycle Helmet Conversions - How to make an Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

12085:  this… was so much fun i lack the words to write a decent comment because i’m mad that my tablet died on me again, but… just… so much fun basically just a little “what’s still human on that guy”

ok this was way too much fun and it killed my tablet but FUN i wondered what's still flesh and bones on that guy, how can he talk with no lungs? your squishy human parts, monsoon

Helmet Storage Display - Motorcycle, Football, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Bicycle, etc

Helmet Storage Display - Motorcycle, Football, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Bicycle, etc

Need a helmet to match your classic or custom motorcycle? Here's our round-up with eight of the best.

Full face helmets

The retro-style Bell Bullitt helmet has passed Australian certification and is on order to arrive in June.

@ecclipsis --- this would be an interesting cybernetic organism.

Ecclipsis on

I want a robot who is like a human who doesn't give a dang anymore. No filter. Flips people off when angry. Blatant disregard for people's feelings.

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