Prigent Tanguy Nantes, France SKETCHBOOK-Sketches on Behance

SKETCHBOOK-Sketches on Behance Clear & Economical use of contour line. Smart use of white chalk & simple hatching to indicate form

ISSUU - Architecture Portfolio -Vongvanij by Ben Vongvanij see the representation of the surrounding, light conditions and the people

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

early idea for the cafe! - Alternate Version of the Cafe as a Sushi bar by Victoria Ying!

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Feng Zhu Design: Old School RPG Room Designs

At FZD, we fully embrace the awesome power of line art. Here are some cool old school RPG room designs by our term 2 students (the character.

More Old-School RPG Rooms, FZD Term 2 Students

More Old-School RPG Rooms, FZD Term 2 Students

Some cool view old-school RPG room designs from our FZD, term 2 students.