Skull Armchair is an ominously powerful looking piece of furniture by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harow.

French design firm Harow has unveiled the Fauteuil Crâne (Skull Armchair) by French artist designer Harold Sangouard. It's an artistic and evil-looking piece of furniture, designed for those who dream of world domination.

Skull by: SethBlood

skull by SethBlood. love the warmth added to skull which gives it interesting colour. could do this to hands or other bones

Salvador Dalí - Skull of Zurbarán, 1956

"Skull of Zurbaran" -- 1956 -- Salvador Dali -- Spanish -- Oil on canvas -- Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC


Matte painter Sven Sauer has designed two visual illusions to promote “Halloween…

Lazy Hearts by Jace Wallace

Illustration inspiration

Scheletro umano by Andrea Schillaci.

Ball point pen drawing by Andrea Schillaci I love the pose the skeleton assumes. Both haunting and exuberant at the same time.

SCRATCHBOARD by Kevin Fleming

Illustration inspiration

While scanning the internet for great designs we tend to find huge amounts of amazing illustrations, drawings and paintings which we’ve chosen present in our “Illustration” section.

Anatomy! - by Paul Schwarz

paul schwartz skeleton life drawing anatomy art still life. Might change it to a full skeleton though .

Matthew Day Jackson

Sculptural works of Brooklyn artist Matthew Day Jackson that confronts ideas of death and mortality.

Cyber Apocalypse by Chris Burnett

Cyber Apocalypse by Chris Bur - Event poster for the annual CalArts Halloween Party. *Collaboration with Bijan Berahimi.


Two of my favorite things - zombies and Marilyn Monroe. I love vintage, classic beauty and femininity, but I also love zombies and things that are more "edgy." The juxtaposition of the two show that your style and taste do not have to be limited.