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Turn your own backyard into a magical escape with these incredibly easy ways to bring to life your very own garden room!

The stock tank pool KIT: four ESSENTIAL items to keep your stock tank pool clean, clear, and BLUE all summer — Stock Tank Pool Tips, Kits, & Inspiration | How-to DIY | @StockTankPools

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a stock tank, you’ll need a few things to keep your pool clean and clear. For about $100, you can buy these four essential items for your stock tank pool.


Aquaponics is an incredibly efficient way to grow food. This is an original solar-powered vertical aquaponics system design concept to maximize yield.


If Terreform and Earth Ship were siblings I imagine Terreform would be the dreamy artistic child with sketches hung haphazardly all over the bedroom walls depicting wildly futuristic concepts. The floor would be littered with crumpled pieces of paper from old ideas and half built toothpick models. Meanwhile the muddy...

Aquaponics project (build - part 1)

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Cycling a Tank for Aquaponics With or Without Fish | Epic Gardening

Cycling a tank for aquaponics can be done with fish, or without fish. Find out the difference between the two methods and learn about cycling in general here.

How To DIY Aquaponics - The How To DIY Guide on Building Your Very Own Aquaponic System - FREECYCLE USA

I used to bend and labor over the prevention and control of pests, weeds, and watering for hours at a time until I discovered Aquaponics 4 You, a guide to the

DIY Aquaponics Projects For Beginners

Start growing your own food using a DIY aquaponics system. These simple designs will get you up and running fast with minimal investment.

Best Fish For Aquaponics - Friendly Aquaponics

Learn everything about the best fish for aquaponics for your aquaponics system; we include a free chapter from our book that explains it.

How to Be a (Semi-Rural) Homesteader • The Prairie Homestead

I don’t know about you, but I’ve totally been enjoying our on-going series of how to homestead no matter where you are. So far, we’ve talked about how to turn your apartment and your suburban backyard into functional modern homesteads. This week? The semi-rural homesteader. This is someone who has more room than the average city lot, […]

Challenges Of Using Crayfish in Aquaponics to Grow Plants

Although crayfish can cheaply and easily be grown in an aquarium, there are several limitations to raise them in an aquaponics system. An aquaponics system designed for cultivating fish is unsuitable for the freshwater crayfish.

Shrimp and Prawn Aquaponics

Weather you use shrimp or prawn aquaponics, both can be very beneficial for your system. They get rid of material at the bottom but they need protection.

Backyard Fish Farming: How to Raise Fish for Food or Profit at Home

Do you have space if your backyard that can be utilized for fish farming that will give you food or profit? Here's how you can do it.