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56 Amazing Paper Roll Crafts Ideas

Toilet paper roll bird houses http://kiflieslevendula.blogspot.be/search?updated-max=2012-06-06T05:13:00%2B02:00=7=27=false Toilet paper rolls-paint Cut a window in center Roof-scrapbook paper?-traced plate for shape/size. Cut one side, roll into cone. Glue. Hang: a string through the roof top to bottom, ended with a bead so it doesn't slip off, then tied both ends to a stick:

Town - Snack Bar [Lego 675]

Lego apartment and sandwich shop Plus

Yarn pom-poms the easiest way ever diy tutorial. Pure genius!

12. jul-deco-avskalat

Harry Potter hama beads by bokpyssel

DIY : Bird Paper Art | DIY & Crafts Tutorials by Hairstyle Tutorials


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