Trellis inspiration

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing. perfect for small gardens where there isn't much space - grow upwards instead of out! - I like the idea of zig zag raised beds :)

Så snyggt!

Neat little kitchen garden with a nice trellis for growing climbers. Raised beds and simple paving create a clean modern look.

Typ nått i stil med detta önskar jag mig! Kanske en ide för hönsgård?

Small and simple backyard garden with individual beds, pots, and small garden trees. Good idea for back yard rather than one long garden bed?

Make An Amazing DIY Hammock Using Macrame

How to Make a Macrame Hammock

Festkrans_liten_konsthantverk_Norrbotten_Återbruk (2)w

Festkrans_liten_konsthantverk_Norrbotten_Återbruk (2)w

Flyttbar pall till upphöjd odlingslåda

This “bed seat” will offer you more comfortable access to your raised beds, or simply let you enjoy what you’re growing.

Drivbänk vid altan med tak av gamla fönster

Drivbänk vid altan med tak av gamla fönster