Karin Hedenvind

Karin Hedenvind

Karin Hedenvind
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Tips to Improve Your Art Skills

I talk about nine tips that I use for improving my art skills and to handle the problems I have with actually "see" what I paint or draw.

Second Circle, a dip pen drawing

Second Circle, a dip pen drawing

En Saga, a marker drawing

Once upon the time there was a hidden place where magical creatures lived.

Inktober conclusion

For me to talk in a video is so nerve-racking! But also to speak in English is really d.

Inktober drawing failure

I made a lot of drawings that I never included in my Inktober for various reasons.

Inktober, day 31

Sadly or finally the last day of Inktober, I´m not sure what to feel about it. The theme for today where just to have some fun and play a little with a Hallo.

Inktober 2016, day 29

It isn´t many days left of Inktober. My theme is colored ink. *** Music from Broke For Free.

Inktober 2016, day 28

It is time for a new theme, which is colored ink. Today’s color is yellow ochre. *** As so often I use music from Broke For Free.

Inktober 2016, day 27

This is sadly my last day with the theme of martial art. I continued to use my brush pens from Pentel and a fineliner from Uni.

Min film

Yesterday I used two brush pens from Pentel (at least one of them are Pentel).