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Hill of Crosses Lithuania

Hill of Crosses, Šiauliai, Lithuania. Protest against the Russian regime. Whenever the Soviets bulldozed their hill of crosses, Lithuanians brought more crosses and built another hill again.

The National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania, has black-robed, gold-faced muses symbolising Drama, Tragedy and Comedy on its facade.

jeannepompadour: “ Black-robed, gold-faced muses symbolizing Drama, Tragedy and Comedy on the facade of the National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania sculpture by Stanislovas Kuzma ”

Trekking across the desert - from the Exhibition: "Cropped for Pinterest" - photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at www.StuckInCustoms.com by qaz357

The Sahara covers Algeria Chad Egypt Libya Mali Mauritania Morocco Niger Western Sahara Saudi Arabia Sudan and Tunisia, extending over 9000000 the largest/hottest/sunniest subtropical desert with a year-round sunshine duration of hours (or of daylight.