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karin risenius

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Lochness Scottish Pub

Loch Ness Ladle

Moby Measuring Cups >> Anthropologie

Kipik Toothpick Holder by Erwan Péron

Raku birds. Paint some dollar store birds like this.

Black-capped Chickadee Wood Carving

beautiful wood carved bird

Clay bird red


Materia Litica also shows how stone, a material which is con-sidered to be difficult to change and consequently of limited flexibility for current architectural requirements, in actual fact has a mutable spirit which can be expressed in full through a clever design planning.

Mike and Greg used chunks of urbanite and old bricks, and then gravel on top of that. After some tamping the base is ready for the sub floor mix! The mix they used for the sub floor was 4 parts sand to 1 1/4 parts clay slip, made from the local clay subsoil.


Architect Visit: Andersson-Wise Architects in Texas : Remodelista - wood in steel frame / do wykorzystania w sesko lubiatów

Concrete base @ wood and steel angle column by gap123, via Flickr