Could be a cute idea to add a name tag & put it where you want them to sit for Christmas dinner then they can take it home :)

Excellent idea:Fill a teacup with Christmas greens, pinecones, moss and a candle for a charming, simple country Christmas accent.

Prova att göra detta med " julenar"

Moss Covered Christmas Trees - So Simple To Do. Styrofoam Tree Form Bag of Moss Clay Pot Stick From Yard Simple:)

Lysene er tent og roen man får på en slik søndag morgen,er bare heeelt herlig synes jeg...Har vært på en liten "buskeslang",for å pynte o...

But if the rustic box isn't your style? A wicker basket. A silver tray with lower sides. A glass bowl with moss up the sides to obscure the "mechanics" of the arrangement. A decorative ceramic serving dish. I love the subdued green and white look.