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Karin Thorsander

Karin Thorsander
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Janet Echelman is transforming urban spaces with billowing, soft, volumetric sculptures scaled to skyscrapers which are idiosyncratic, ephemeral and fluid in the wind. Here is her TED talk

American artist Janet Echelman reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculpture that responds to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight. A transporting 10 minutes of pure creativity speaking at TED.


by Jurga Martin___ sculpture ( terra cotta & bronzo) __this would be a cute way to store the memory of my kids when we build our place - to make statues of each of the girls.

(I'M UNCOMFORTABLE.) Dutch artist Rosa Verloop has extended her body of work with these "Nylon Sculptures". The highly textural pieces capitalize on the key medium used, stockings, which is tucked and molded to create a distinctly human-like figure. The flesh-colored panty hose fortify the anthropomorphic qualities of the work, manipulated in an organic fashion with drawing pins to create something strangely exotic.

An interesting use of a stocking. Dutch artist Rosa Verloop has created these fantastic nylon sculptures, where she has taken common stockings and mol.

Truly amazing.

This stunning piece of artwork erected by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, stands on the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested 50 years ago. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture.