DIY Project: Chain of Heart Napkins

Chain of hearts napkins tutorial

swedish embroidery

swedish embroidery: Blekingesöm in light colours, pink light and dark blue /knohe/embroidery-stitch-sew/

I blommorna, bladen och knopparna har flickan sytt in alla sina önskningar och förhoppningar om framtiden. Kudden är en del av hennes hemgift. Ur boken Yllebroderier från Hemslöjdens förlag. (Foto Lucas Gölén)

Wool embroidery on part of a dowry collection, Sweden (Foto Lucas Gölén)

34 Embroidery Patterns You Are Going to Love .


Blekingesom, Swedish embroidery -- features light pinks and dark blues [historically red was used before pink]. This piece incorporates schattersöm, a scalene satin stitch, the stem stitch and French knots.

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Translation:"Do not think about your thoughts"

swedish folk art embroidery: hallandssöm

Brodera Hallandssöm - the site has more examples of Swedish traditional embroidery styles and techniques

21-12-11  Yllebroderier - Swedish.  Looks like Linnea's

This ticks all the boxes I love with regards to color, design and embroidery.

Cute. Hmm, I have a little stump in the backyard...

fairy garden, tree trunk house what fun it would be to do to a real tree in your backyard. Find a dead tree trunk and make it a feature

Superhjältar! broderiset från Folklore Company! Broderkiten innehåller allt som behövs för att skapa din egen väggbonad i korsstygn:  -...

Create your own cross stitch embroidery with your own text using our inspiring patterns. Decorate your wall with a unique and personal cross stitch design.