These shower hacks will make your life so much better! Follow these tips to easily clean your shower, store more items in your shower and learn how to better take care of your hair. These shower tips are amazing and will be life changing.

10 Life Hacks That Will Totally Change the Way You Shower

Reindeer Wrap

Beautiful wrapping embellished with personal touches makes gifts even more thoughtful. While some look at gift wrapping as a chore,.


toilet roll tubes used as gift wrap holders. And I knew I shouldn't throw away those toilet paper rolls!

Wrapping Ideas: Teddy Bear Box

9 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas and Solutions


37 Clever Ways To Organize Your Entire Life With Ikea

Use Ikea Knuff magazine files as under sink storage holders. Screw a magazine file holder to the inside of kitchen cupboards. Add space to store more bulky items like chopping boards, cleaning products etc.

DIY photography packaging // DVD cases // use kraft butcher paper! (fig. 4)

Perfect gift wrapping for birthday ! Balloons gift wrapping Children gift DIY photography packaging // DVD cases // use kraft butcher paper!

'book' bag - I'll have to see if I can find a book I can part with to try this!

Give new meaning to the term 'book' bag with this adorable DIY book craft!

Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping

Cute idea for your dog's gift. Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping - Southern Hospitality

Smart och billig förvaring av hårtänger och sladdar

DIY - Curling Iron holder with PVC pipe for the inside of bathroom cabinet, hubs did this for my culring iron and flat iron and I love it!

28 underbara bilder för inspiration och praktiska tips till ett enklare liv

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!

superhero costumes kids diy - Google Search

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