Karl Andersson

Karl Andersson

Karl Andersson
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Dosen werfen ist ein Klassiker auf jedem Kindergeburtstag und man kann es ganz einfach selber machen. Noch mehr tolle Ideen gibt es auf www.Spaaz.de

Backyard Game for Kids. Interesting things to do out there in your backyard. So simple and cheap to make, and you could play them with your kids or family anytime.

Amazing Simple LEGO Machine Designs That Work // [http://theendearingdesigner.com/10-cool-lego-machine-constructions-that-you-never-imagined-possible/]

Schachspiel aus LEGO zusammenstellen *** DIY LEGO Chess Set - Playful learning of that wonderful game

Cubo Rubik de LEGO

Rubrick Cube is a Fully Functional LEGO Rubik’s Cube. Of course it's fully functional, some muppet has just stuck legos to a fully functional Rubicks cube !