Karolina Nawrocka

Karolina Nawrocka

Karolina Nawrocka
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Head Fuck is a digitally drawn abstract canvas wall art print by contemporary artist Sam Freek. Contemporary abstract canvas art for the modern home.


Red deer in Denmark - In Danish they are called kronhjorten, 'Crown Deer', because of their majestic antlers. This is a white stag in Dyrehaven.

Majestic Elk

Rocky Mountain Elk, I have about 150 of these that winter on my property in western Montana. They are magnificent and beautiful (and smart! (per original pinner

Habetrot is the Celtic Goddess of Spinning and Healing. She is able to spin wool into garments in an instant, and the clothes that she makes give the wearer immunity from all disease. In fairy tales, she is depicted with an extended lower lip, which she got from wetting the wool as she spun it.

Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel. County Galway, Ireland - photo of Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel. This color photochrome print was made between 1890 and 1900 in Ireland. The photo documents Irish Spinner and Spinning Wheel.

Alphonse Mucha "Le Printemps ~ Spring" 1900

Alphonse Mucha "Le Printemps (Spring)" 1900 I love this Artist Have a beautiful set of prints that I cherish, purchased on a Memorial occasion in the art building C. Late summer fun days that end with fireworks and a sleepy train ride home