Jazz up your front porch with these DIY hanging Halloween bats. This is a fun Halloween craft idea that most kids can take part in.

20+ Super Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make!

Monster Mobile - a toilet roll craft (use kitchen rolls or wrapping paper rolls as an alternative) Happy Hooligans

Monster Mobile Toilet Roll Craft

monster mobile - happy hooligans - toilet roll tube monsters I like the idea of the toilet roll monster with or without the mobile!

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How to throw an EASY Halloween party on the CHEAP

Spinning Spirits: Spinning ghosts: Hung from the ceiling, these friendly paper ghosts will swirl, sway, and spook all night long.

Allt som har med halloween måste vä inte var läskigt och dödens käftar, eller hur?! Lite söta spöken kan väl få pigga upp. Jag å barnen har gjort en spökmobil av höstlöv. Väldigt enkelt och ytterst...

Enkelt halloweenpyssel: Måla spöken på löv

I have been all about the Monsters lately. If you aren't allowed to celebrate Halloween at your school, monsters are a great way to spread...

Rock Monster Magnets - Collect pebbles, paint them, and turn into magnets. Or just make rock monsters from all the smooth rocks/pebbles we find on the beach.