well organized building materials, a great combination of natural wood blocks and loose parts with just the right amount of variety and quantity so as not to overwhelm and still encourage sharing and collaboration without limiting creativity and innovation.

Day 3 Wingate Children’s Centre community nursery school, CO. Durham, England Today we sat at breakfast and watched the news - roads closed, houses evacuated and rivers flooding .


I love this minimal looking role play area and even better it has two sections so two pairs can play like neighbours

Alphabet Train Track Tree

Alphabet Train Track Tree

fiber optics, lava lamps, projected butterflies!

Butterflies, bubble tube, LED carpet, glitter lights in ceiling scented aromatherapy - Image of Sensory Room Package Pin by Phillips Zahtz

Reading nooks for children. Great functional ideas.

From cosy corners to sky-high hideaways, converted cupboards to tiny tepees - here are 11 brilliant book nooks and beautiful reading spaces.

I fredags klockan 06.07 satte jag mig på tåget som gick mot Värnamo. Mitt huvud var allert och långsamt på samma gång och på bordet stod en ...

The carpet - an invitation to play with loose materials, plants, animals, blocks, mirror -awesome block center

Pedagogisk miljö i förskolan. Skapande lärande ateljé

Pedagogisk miljö i förskolan. Skapande lärande ateljé