colorful kitchen - Years of collecting from charity shops, boot sales and flea markets, and my kitchen is nearly full (and yet I always find space for another treasure!) via Lisa Loves Vintage


Spice rack // Love this! Brilliant way to mix an original built-in kitchen (upper cabinets) with modern kitchen interior (bottom cabinets). Also: pastel colors!


60-talsköksköket (

(ELM) really like that retro sloped cupboard, it allows more bench space access without bumping your head.

josef frank wallpaper and totally adorable table and chairs (and mixer)...the baby chair, too! haha! love it

josef frank wallpaper and totally adorable table and chairs (and mixer).the baby chair, too! love it (Mix Patterns Kitchen)

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When you speak about various designing styles for your kitchen, the thing that arrives to your brain is the retro kitchen style.

Such a dream kitchen. Saved through decades, with traces from the and That's a homely place to me.

Peonies (Yellow) Metallic Screen Printed

Peonies (Yellow) Wallpaper

Rifle Paper Co- Wallpaper- Hygge & West Peonies (Yellow) Metallic Screen Printed

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