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accurate af. i don't mean to sound rude when saying this, but i think i deserve more credit from my friends than i actually do receive. i understand that i'm (obviously) no one's first choice, but at the same time i believe that i do a lot for the ones i love & i don't feel as if i get the same amount of care in return. correct me if i am wrong, but that is my opinion on this matter. it could just be me being self centered..like i tend to end up being .. i get it that im not the pretty one…

Finally, someone understand AND can write how I feel everyday at school<<< oh my gosh yes I mean my friends don't think of me like SOME random life and I don't feel that way about me when I'm with them but in my classes this is way to true

#notallmen It's only a problem if all men rape!?!? What kind of bs is this? Misogynistic bs is what it is!

The problem is real. I'm just saying not all men ar- Oh, wait, I'm not allowed to stand up for the good people in my gender. Silly me!