Fun experiments aren’t just for the little ones-- 15 fun activities for older kids.

15 Awesome Science Experiments For Older Kids

What if the world lost oxygen for 5 seconds? No idea if this is scientifically accurate or not, but lol

What If The World / Earth Lost Oxygen For 5 Second? - Ever wondered what would happen If The World / Earth lost oxygen for 5 second? So, let me show what could happen without oxygen:

Free Printables Planets | Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids

I wanted to create a printable solar system model, something that I could print and put together easily to show my son what planets are in the solar system, which ones are closer or further from th…

Hosting an Engineering Week at your school? Try these fun activities for students of all ages.

This a great way to spread out engineering throw the week or even the month, giving students plenty of ways to think creatively