islyktor, made in gamla sockerkakasformar, Anna Inreder

❄️ Winter Holidays ❄️ ice luminary made by freezing water in a bundt pan mold. You can add cranberry and pine for color in the water prior to freezing.

// Wasserballons mit gefärbtem Wasser füllen, Ballon wegschneiden, fertig.

Colored Ice Balls - fill a balloon with water, add food coloring, freeze, cut off balloon when frozen

Winter onederland. Pack snow into cake molds, then tap to slide out. Place tea candles in the middle. Gives off a welcoming, warm glow during the holidays when placed along the walkway or front steps to your home.

DIY: Packed Snow Lights Site is Swedish TUTORIAL Simply firm pack snow in baking pans/molds and put candle or battery operated candle in!


DIY Concrete Ladybug Tutorial Looks like it would make a great mushroom mold also.

I've never felt this satisfied before

I& never felt this satisfied before - it& so beautiful it literally hurts.

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