So charming: bird-print wallpaper on the ceiling instead of the walls.

Find wallpaper on the ceiling ideas from domino and Jenny Komenda, featured in the fall 2016 issue of domino magazine. Jenny Komenda offers wallpaper ideas that will look beautiful on the ceiling.

A dreamy alternative to a headboard.

window treatment: Love the IDEA of that valance. "The tapestry above my bed is one of my most asked-about pieces. It’s a one-of-a-kind, hand stitched vintage piece. I love it through all its imperfections and bleeding inks.

Children's guest room w/ Pierre Frey fabric in Agnès Monplaisir's country estate, photo Simon Upton for Harper's Bazaar

a French guest room for children in Pierre Frey fabric in Agnès Monplaisir's country home in Harper's Bazaar

Floating Cloud light pendants DIY

50 Coolest DIY Pendant Lights

Cloud lights ♥ one of the most awesome ideas ever. Use: cotton batting, a paper lantern, & 3 flameless candles. Pull at cotton batting til it looks fluffy & cloud-like; & hot glue it all around the lantern. Add lights to lantern. Clouds are ready to hang!


Floral rug in blue and red! Photograph by Gonzalo Machado for Architectural Digest. Mostly white bedroom with pops of color and vintage fans. Perfect for my future Spanish style house!

7 Gifts to Make and Do WITH Dad

7 Gifts to Make & Do WITH Dad

Handcrafted hideouts frequently filled the rooms in my house as a kid. Give your kids their own secret space with one of these 25 DIY Hideouts: Forts, Tents, Teepees and Playhouses.